WAT (A Cardi B “WAP” Parody) – Weak A$$ Tummy

WAP Parody "WAT" = Weak A$$ Tummy


Runtime: 3:17

In this WAP Parody, we’re liberating women’s tummies! No more shying away from the not-so glamorous and disgusting realities we face. As “Fardi B” and “Micaela Thee Stoolian”, we rap about our battles with indigestion, bad eating habits and consequences from not listening to our bodies. Everyone goes through it, so we’re breaking the silence on our bowels! If you relate, sing along and know, we all have a “Weak A$$ Tummy” from time to time!

Inspired by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s hit single “WAP”

Beat Remake Produced by: Dices (@iamdices on IG)


  • “Fardi B” – Kelsey Newaz
  • “Micaela Thee Stoolian” – Micaela Tucker
  • “Intestines” – Adrienne Young

Special Thanks to:

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