Original videos that make us laugh during the quarantine times. We hope they make you laugh too. Written, Directed and Filmed by Rotten Apple.

Video ThumbnailIn this WAP Parody, we’re liberating women’s tummies! No more shying away from the not-so glamorous and disgusting realities we face. As “Fardi B” and “Micaela Thee Stoolian”, we rap about our battles with indigestion, bad eating habits and consequences from not listening to our bodies. Everyone goe
WAT (A Cardi B “WAP” Parody) – Weak A$$ Tummy

3:17 | August 23, 2020

Video ThumbnailIn this Zoom parody, we explore Zoom, the ever so popular video conferencing app, to the beat of one of our favorite hip-hop songs ever, “Rump Shaker”. We rap about when: Zoom starts to break up That dude who always looks like a slob during meetings shows up We experience virtual celebrations. Thank
ZOOM Breakin’ Up (A “Rump Shaker” X Zoom Parody)

3:44 | May 3, 2020

Video ThumbnailDo you Quarantine and Chill? We can't help but do so. 😂 This parody of Usher's "Nice and Slow" called "Binge Another Show" is dedicated to those who try and get stuff done while social distancing but end up watching 12 hours of TV. 📺
“Binge Another Show” (An Usher Song Parody)

1:20 | March 26, 2020

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Video Thumbnail🍎 Rotten Apple will be celebrating the 2020 High School Grads with fun sketches and video submissions from YOU, the graduating class! We will also get a virtual visit from the hilarious and multi-talented comedian Tyler Boeh (Dry Bar Comedy, Amazon Prime Video)!
2020 Graduation Special

50:39 | June 4, 2020

Video ThumbnailOur tenth episode of "The Rotten Apple Show" aired live on Facebook, on Thursday, May 28th, 2020 at 7pm PT. The variety show included: Special "virtual" guest comedian, Greg Santos (Netflix, ABC) An interactive game show called "Make That Meme" "Kevin's Corner", our roommate/father, speaks his mind
Greg Santos

50:39 | May 28, 2020

Video ThumbnailOur ninth episode of "The Rotten Apple Show" aired live on Facebook, on Thursday, May 21st, 2020 at 7pm PT. The variety show included: Special "virtual" guest comedian, Taylor Williamson (America's Got Talent, Last Comic Standing) Kelsey shaved Shai's head live, even though she has never used clippe
Taylor Williamson

50:39 | May 21, 2020

Kevin, our roommate and father, finally gets to speak out on a wide range of topics and express his feelings—all from his corner of the world.

Video ThumbnailKevin reveals the sad truth about his lunches and his anger towards extension cords.
On Lunch & Extension Cords

3:05 | May 28, 2020

Video ThumbnailKevin describes his relationship with his grandkids and his daily routine with house lights.
On Grandkids & Lights

3:05 | May 25, 2020

Video ThumbnailKevin complains about garbage day and gives us a tour of his garage.
On Garbage Day & The Garage

3:05 | May 17, 2020