Haunted House Experience 2023

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The Rotten Apple crew is proudly producing the 2022 Haunted House experience @ Haunted Manson in conjunction with the Manson Chamber of Commerce.

The Story Behind the 2023 Haunted House Experience

Allyn’s Dollhouse Revenge

Allyn Barbenstein recently purchased Old Uncle Manson’s house on November 1, 2022.

He remodeled the broken down house into a charming dollhouse to attract collectors from around the world!

People have waited patiently for over a year to tour the home and see Allyn’s extensive collection for themselves, coined  “A MUST SEE EXPERIENCE!” by CosmoDOLLitan.

Little do his visitors know that Allyn hates dolls. He’s spent the last decade plotting his revenge, studying anatomy, prosthetics, and black magic.

Using his doll collection and the spirits that dwell within Old Uncle Manson’s house, Allyn is ready to complete his ultimate experiment:

To trap the souls of his unsuspecting visitors within his dolls, creating a demented army of the friends that he never had.

Manson (Haunted Manson's annual Haunted House Experience)
  • The Manson Wine Co. Warehouse
  • It’s happening every Friday & Saturday from 6pm to 10pm in October (plus Halloween, 10/31). So bring your friends & family to enjoy the scare! Haunted House is located at The Manson Wine Co. Warehouse at 135 Wapato Way, Manson, WA 98831